Content by Michelle Hamer (SANBI-FBIP, April 2020)

Purpose of the Online Workshop

This online workshop covers the main points for the submission of a successful FBIP proposal and serves to assist eligible researchers.

From the FBIP’s perspective:

  • We want to improve the quality of proposals so that we can allocate all the funds available in a way that delivers on the Programme’s commitments.
  • There is also a need to ensure that grants are spread across institutions, age groups, races and genders (in line with national targets).

2019: FBIP Inputs Grants awarded to date

One of the FBIP’s objectives is to ensure that grants are accessed by different institutions, and researchers representing different demographics.

  • The bar graph below shows that:
    • we have achieved this to some extent, but the grants are still predominantly allocated to some (certain) institutions.
    • the success rate is not very high.
    • institutions that submit more proposals have (received) more grants.
fbip grants awarded to date 2019
404 applications received, 125 projects funded (31%) 2017: 19 out of 72 proposals funded (26%); 2018: 18 out of 65 applications funded (28%); 2019: 9 out of 22 applications funded (41%)

Structure of Online Workshop

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Scope of the Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP)

Special requirements of the FBIP

Overall aim of the FBIP

FBIP targets

Key point 1 & 2: Scope of your project and the FBIP

Key point 3: Context of your project

The aim and objectives

Key point 4: Outputs

Key point 5: Feasibility – the work plan and budget

Ethics and legal aspects of your work

Key point 6: Outputs and impacts

Important points about Large Grants

Large Grant requirements

Large Grant themes