Extension of cut-off dates for applications for funding – 15 May 2020:

The NRF extended the cut-off dates for applications for funding for the FBIP Concept Notes for Large Integrated Projects and FBIP Small grant (1st review period) to facilitate the challenges faced by the lockdown to 15 May 2020. Please ascertain your institution’s internal closing date as it may be prior to the cut-off date of 15 May 2020 and ensure that you submit your application before your institutional cut-off date for the application to be considered for funding.

Type of research grants:

The Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) provides research grants to academics for the generation of knowledge related to documenting South Africa’s biodiversity, mobilisation of species occurrence or distribution data, generation of DNA barcode data that will allow identification of biological material, and compilation of descriptive information on species.

The programme provides research grants for:

  • Large, collaborative and integrated team projects which align with knowledge needs, or which involve participants along the entire value chain from knowledge generation to application for decision-making. These projects will also involve postgraduate students and emerging researchers, and the up-skilling of researchers and practitioners who use the data generated.
  • Small strategic projects that address key strategic gaps in data/knowledge.

Application process:

Annually, the FBIP calls for proposals for research grants through the NRF One Call for Applications for funding. The One Call includes applications for Concept Notes for Large Grants (Review Period 1) and FBIP Small Grants (Review Period 1 & 2) which must be submitted electronically via the NRF Online Submission System at https://nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za.

For more information and deadlines for the NRF One Call for Applications for funding, please refer to the NRF General Application Guide 2021.

Applicants applying for FBIP grants must read the FBIP Framework and Funding Guide and FBIP Concept Note Application Instructions and/or FBIP Small Grant Application Instructions to make sure that all the essential information is submitted through the proposals.

Improve your funding chances for 2020 – Proposal writing guidelines:

Concerns about the misalignment of proposals with FBIP objectives prompted the need for a workshop to support academics in improving the quality of their research proposals. However, the upcoming FBIP Proposal Writing Workshop (FBIP), aimed at academics planning to submit research proposals in response to the annual FBIP/NRF Call for Small Grants and/or Large Grants, has been cancelled due to the nation-wide lockdown.

To support academics in improving the quality of their research proposals for FBIP-NRF funding, we have made the presentation available in a pdf format.

You can download this pdf below