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  • If projects run over time, or do not deliver, this jeopardises the whole programme.
  • Experience has shown us that if a project is not very carefully planned it is very unlikely to deliver or be completed on schedule, or the quality of the outputs will be poor.
  • The work plan may also include details that allow an assessment of the extent (scale) of the project.

Feasibility: Work plan and budget…

Details of what you will do to achieve each objective

  • How it will be done – what approach will you use to achieve each objective?
    • A survey?
    • An experiment?
    • Examination of specimens in a collection?
    • A comparative study?
  • Think carefully about the design of the study to ensure that this is scientifically sound and will deliver the required data.
  • How many samples will be collected/examined/analysed?
  • Where will these samples/specimens come from from?
    • If a survey is proposed where will sampling be carried out?
  • What equipment/methods will be used?
  • What type of analyses will be done?
    • Don’t just list the names of statistical tests without really understanding what their purpose is
      • What question will you be answering that needs an analysis?
  • Who will do what in each activity?
    • Is the required expertise/capacity there?
  • When will it be done (start and end). Is this time frame realistic?
  • Make sure that each objective has activities in the work plan.
  • Budget should be detailed and realistic.
    • Don’t inflate items/costs – it will be picked up by the panel.

Feasibility: The Budget… (add pics?)

  • Once you know exactly:
    • What needs to be done?, and
    • When it will be done?, and
    • Who needs to be involved?
  • Then you can work out what you will need to do (execute) the project.
  • Make a list of all equipment needed, and from that what you already have or can borrow, and what will need to be bought. What chemicals and approximately how much?
  • Work out how many kilometers will need to be traveled…
    • How many nights accommodation will be needed
    • How many people will be involved in field work
    • What equipment?
    • How many of each item?
    • How many samples need sequencing?
    • How much will each sequence cost?

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