Pretoria – Natural history collections represent an incredibly rich resource of samples for DNA barcode library building, yet
many challenges preclude efficient sampling of these collections including permit requirements, sample selection
and DNA quality.

The workshop will focus on the factors influencing the organisation, sampling, and sequence recovery of DNA barcodes from preserved specimens, and how new laboratory protocols can increase recovery rates (including the use of new sequencing platforms).

The first day will provide an overview of current workflows for planning museum sampling trips, sample selection,
digitisation, data management, and pre-processing of samples for DNA barcode analysis. The second day will focus
on molecular protocols adopted specifically for museum specimen DNA barcoding, novel solutions for analysing
specimens with degraded DNA, as well as sequence data validation and publication.

Registration for the workshop is free. Local flight and accommodation costs will be covered for 30 participants.
However due to space limitations, prospective participants are kindly asked to send a PDF document of one page
maximum including any information indicating their current involvement in museum/herbarium collections (i.e.
curation, digitising) and DNA barcoding. This document will assist the organisers to select the 30 participants.

Apply at:
Deadline: 15 November 2019

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