• All the points made for the Small Grant proposals apply to the Large Grants, but of course the scale is very different.
  • Large Grants must have a much bigger impact, and produce more outputs than small grants.
  • There are a lot more requirements that have to be met by the Large Grants.
  • Being the Principal Investigator (PI) of a Large Grant involves a lot of co-coordinating  across the team members, as well as a lot of project management and administration.
    • We suggest that the PI must have had some experience in managing large, multi-partner projects.
    • We also advise that budget be allocated to getting some administration assistance.
  • Two-step process:
    1. Concept notes, and those that the panel believes have potential are developed into full and detailed proposals for evaluation by the panel. (step 2?)
  • One or two Large Grants may be awarded in 2020, but if none of the concepts or full proposals are considered appropriate, then no award may be made.

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