• What will you produce by doing the project?
  • Be specific about this – even if you need to estimate.
  • Make sure that there is a clear link between objectives and outputs.
    • Each objective should have an output.
Small Projects Scorecard
Track record of applicantPublications, students 10%
Quality of proposalDoes the background include a problem statement/conceptual framework.
Are aim and objectives clearly stated and do they align with the problem statement, with the objectives of the programme, and with a specified national strategy?
Are anticipated outputs explicitly stated and quantified?
FeasibilityDetailed work plan with reasonable time frames
Are time frames in line with the FBIP funding period (1 year)?
Are roles and contributions of all participants specified?
Is the budget reasonable?
Is their sufficient detail to allow assessment ?
Are ethical issues including data sharing and collecting permits addressed?
40% (30 work plan and 10 budget)

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