Pretoria – The South African node of the International Barcode of Life (SABOL) is offering a series of workshops in the form of virtual presentations and practical sessions.

DNA barcoding is a tool that allows for the standardisation of species delineation worldwide and has
developed into one of the largest collaborative efforts in the history of Life Sciences.

With financial support from the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) through the Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP, sponsored by the DSI and jointly managed by the National Research Foundation and the South African
National Biodiversity Institute), more than 40 DNA barcoding–related projects have been funded in South

Funding for research is, however, becoming more limited, and is often accessed through competitive
grant applications. There is therefore an increasing need for DNA barcoding proposals and projects to be
optimal and targeted, responding to national priorities.

Funded by the FBIP, SABOL is offering a series of workshops in the form of virtual presentations and practical sessions, which will equip participants with: (1) a basic understanding of DNA approaches for species delineation; (2) permit requirements for specimen
collection; (3) specimen and metadata information; (4) good laboratory practice for molecular techniques; (5)
DNA sequence data generation and management, and (6) how to conduct a taxon gap analyses on BOLD,
against the South African national checklist for DNA barcoding prioritisation in South Africa.

Please note that it is not compulsory for participants to attend all four workshops. Interested parties should select the relevant session(s) as per their needs using the link below.
Apply or show interest at: (google docs)


DNA Barcoding Workshop Call_SABOL by Dane McDonald on Scribd