Training Workshops

A number of training workshops for biodiversity data management are offered during the year and often these workshops are presented in conjunction with the main forum. These workshops provide professional skills development.

Training workshops offered during the 2017 BIMF-FBIP Forum


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Training workshops offered during the 2016 BIMF-FBIP Forum


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A number of training sessions for biodiversity data management were offered during the 2016 joint Forum:

Introduction to using Specify
Facilitated by Mr. Willem Coetzer (SAIAB) and Ms Rukaya Johaadien (SANBI). The training provided an overview of Specify and what it can be used for in terms of taxonomic data, specimen data and managing collections.

Data quality control and improvement methods
Facilitated by Ms. Hannelie Snyman, Mr. Alpheus Mothapo and Ms. Michelle Smith. A number of sources of data quality problems in specimen/occurrence data were discussed during this training session including.

Submitting data to BOLD
Facilitated by Prof Michelle van der Bank and Mr Ronny Kabongo (African Center for DNA Barcoding, University of Johannesburg). The training covered some of the minimum requirements in terms of specimen data and sequence data during this session.

Camera trap data
Facilitated by Ms. Zoe Woodgate (University of Cape Town). The training focussed on how to capture camera trap data into a database; how to perform analyses with camera trap data; and the challenges of working with camera trap data.

Geo-referencing training workshop
On the fourth day SANBI-GBIF hosted a Georeferencing training event to build skills in improving data quality. The training was facilitated by SANBI team members Fhatani Ranwashe and Mutsinda Ramavhunga and co-hosted by Albe Bosman (Iziko Museums), Burgert Muller (National Museum of Bloemfontein) and Sherwyn Mack (Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency).

Specify Training workshop


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The first SPECIFY training workshop was held at SANBI, Pretoria Botanical Gardens from 4-7 October 2016. The workshop, organised and funded through the FBIP, was run by Mr Willem Coetzer from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). On the first three days the training was aimed at people who have no or little experience in using Specify and on the fourth day, there were presentations and discussions on the existing status of databases in the different institutions represented and the challenges to migrating to common software.