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By signing the acceptance of a grant with the NRF, grantholders commit to comply with the conditions of the NRF grant inclusive of special FBIP conditions. The FBIP policy is to make the data generated through the funded projects freely available. If projects involve the capture of third party data, all data owners must sign a consent form. Data will be re-usable on condition that attribution must be given to the data provider. More information on the public release of data here:

Data sets submitted to the FBIP must comply with international formats and standards and will be made publicly available through:



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Data sets

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GrantholderGrant TypeTaxonomic GroupTitle of Project
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Prof NIGEL BARKER2013, SurveyPlantaeFloristic survey of the StormbergDownload DataDownload Data
Prof CONRAD MATTHEE2013, SurveyAnimalia: Fleas, RodentsDiversity and distribution of fleas on rodents in South AfricaDownload Data
Assoc Prof KARIN JACOBS2013, SurveyMicrobesLinking ecosystem processes and soil microbial diversity in Rooibos and HoneybushDownload Data
Prof G Kerley2013, SurveyPlantaeIdentifying plant species in the diets of herbivoresDownload Data
Dr Bronwyn Kirby 2013, SurveyBacteria: ActinobacteriaActinobacterial diversity associated with rooibos plantsDownload Data
Prof ROUVAY ROODT-WILDING2013, Small ProjectAnimalia: MolluscsScallop population geneticsDownload Data
Prof Edward Witkowski2013, Small ProjectPlantae: African BoababOne mainland African baobab species or two? Implications for productivity and sustainable use.Download Data